BullBuilder welcomes end of Administration

BullBuilder, the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust has welcomed news today that the club had emerged from administration, having been bought by Marc Green.
BullBuilder chairman Mike Farren said “We sincerely hope that this news brings a long period of uncertainty to a close. As fans we’ve been as frustrated as everyone else by the lack of information about the process and the time it has taken. It’s a relief to see that the ownership of the club is resolved and we’d like to welcome Marc Green and Steve Ferres to their new roles.
“We welcome Marc’s recognition that supporters, stakeholders and staff should work together to restore former glory and we’re now ready to play our part in achieving that.”
Against a backdrop of uncertainty BullBuilder held its AGM on 12 March and have already appointed a new board. Mike Farren commented:
“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest from existing and new members in helping BullBuilder help the club. With the cooperation of the new owners we’d welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss ways we can work together.”
“There is lots of enthusiasm and a real desire to meet the challenge. The club has lots of work to do to restore the club’s fortunes and attempt to retain Super League status but there is a willingness on BullBuilder’s part to help if the new owner is open to working with us.”
BullBuilder will shortly be getting in touch with all existing and lapsed members with more information.

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