BullBuilder Annual General Meeting

BullBuilder, the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust, took the most decisive step in its re-launch when it held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 12 March.

Once again, there was a large, committed and enthusiastic crowd in attendance, and the formal business of the meeting saw 8 new faces join the committee.

“We were fortunate that a very high calibre of candidates came forward this year,” said a spokesperson. “Not only do we now have individuals on board with a wealth of experience and skill, we also have a fresh injection of ideas and enthusiasm.”

In the course of an open discussion, we were privileged to be addressed by Simon Foster – son of Bradford legend Trevor Foster and, along with actor Duncan Preston, one of the first BullBuilder Patrons. Besides speaking movingly about his father’s involvement with the club, Simon also presented some of his father’s memorabilia, in support of BullBuilder funds.

In the second half of the meeting, discussion focused specifically on the future of BullBuilder. While acknowledging the difficulty of making concrete plans until the new ownership was in place, there was a strong consensus to carry on supporting junior players and to investigate the possibility of fan ownership – though not at the expense of the Trust’s core activities.

There was also a sense of keenness to try to help ensure the continued availability of the club’s widely-envied training facilities at Tong, and some interesting ideas were mooted regarding possible links between BullBuilder and the local business community.

“Once again, we are ready and willing to resume our activities in support of the club,” said the spokesperson. “What we, like all other fans, are looking forward to now, is finding out who the new owners will be. Whoever they are, we will be doing our very best to work with them, to represent the views and interests of the supporters and to take Bradford Bulls forward together!”

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