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Bulls’ Under-19 Academy Fixtures Released

Bradford Bulls’ Under-19 Academy fixtures have now been released. You can find them here. Starting with a game this Saturday (7/2/2015) away to Widnes at 2:00PM, the team will face a high standard of opposition, clashing with the Academies of mostly Super League teams.

BullBuilder continues to invest in the development of young players at Academy level and younger, and several of our board members attempt to get to as many Academy matches as possible. It would be great if you could join them and show the level of support for youth Rugby League among the Bradford fans!

Would you like to join BullBuilder at the Bulls Ball?

BullBuilder, the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust, will be attending the Bulls Ball on Saturday 7th February, and expects to take one or more tables there. If you would like to attend, or if you already have a ticket and would like to join the BullBuilder table, you can do so, but you will need to let us know by close of business on Monday 2nd February!

If you are interested in joining the BullBuilder table, please get in touch with Paul Butterworth by Email, at bullmansboy@gmail.com

BullBuilder provide All in One Solution for Academy

Academy coaching staff at Bradford Bulls no longer have to travel to Odsal to perform admin tasks thanks to BullBuilder, who have purchased the Academy a brand new “all in one” printing device.

Academy chief John Bastian with new printer, provided by BullBuilder.

Academy chief John Bastian with new printer, provided by BullBuilder.

The “all in one” printer allows staff to print out and scan documents and make photocopies. BullBuilder Chairman Mike Farren said “We had a request from John Bastian who said that such a device would make his staff’s lives much easier and make their work far more efficient. Until now staff would have to go to Odsal to do things like scan documents or perform large print jobs. Now they have a device dedicated for their use only that is based in their office at Tong.”
Academy coach John Bastian said “The coaching staff are very grateful to BullBuilder and the members that contribute monies to them to make these kind of donations possible. This equipment is invaluable for printing information for players that might relate to player performance or training plans. It will also save time and money as it allows us to scan documents on the premises without having to go to the office at Odsal to do it, which took up valuable time. We also get a lot of information from the RFL and other bodies that often requires printed copies. We now have the equipment to service these needs.”
BullBuilder will shortly be publicising details of events taking place in 2015. Bulls fans wishing find out more can visit the BullBuilder website at http://www.bullbuilder.co.uk/ or write to BullBuilder, Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

BullBuilder AGM Reminder

We would just like to remind everyone that the BullBuilder Annual General Meeting is upon us once again. This year, it will be held in Cue Gardens, Stadium Road, Bradford BD6 1BJ, on Wednesday 28 January 2015 at 7:30pm. We encourage you to attend to make your voice and opinions heard.

BullBuilder returned to full activity in 2014, but continued uncertainty made it difficult to plan a comprehensive programme of events for the year. However, we still managed to stage a very successful race night during the financial year, as well as a meet-the-coaches night in November.

Additionally, during  the  financial  year  in  question,  we made  two  grants, presenting a DVD copier to the club to enable individual Academy players to study their performances and game plans, and providing funds to enable four young people to attend training sessions organised by the Bulls Foundation. Since the year, we have donated £1,500 to fund the purchase of an equipment trailer. We have also funded a team‐building session for the Academy squad in the form of a bowling night followed by a meal, provided the food at an end of year Academy players’ day, and have donated a dedicated printer for the Academy’s requirements.

We can, of course, only do these things with your support, which is why we are encouraging you to attend the AGM. All current members are welcome, and it will be possible to pick up your 2015 membership cards at the event. We look forward to seeing you there.

Christmas team-building for the Bulls’ Academy – courtesy of BullBuilder

Academy Bowling Evening

Academy Bowling Evening

As preparations for the 2015 season continue, BullBuilder – the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust – brought the Academy squad together for team building session, just in time for Christmas.

A night of ten-pin bowling, followed by a meal together was great fun for all involved, but the importance went far beyond that! As the Bulls’ Under-19 coach, Matt Diskin, put it, “The event hosted by BullBuilder was a great opportunity for our young academy players to get to know each other a little better away from the rigours of the training field; it achieved this tenfold. It was a fantastic night which allowed the players to interact with members of the Bull Builder board and understand what and how the Trust assists with the development of the club’s youth players. On behalf of the squad I would like to thank Bull Builder for the great company they provided and team building they helped us achieve.”

Members of the BullBuilder board were also present, and the players invited board members and coaching staff onto their teams and struck up a rapport as the evening went on.

Under-19 player Mikey Paul said, “The whole ethos has changed since Matt and co. took over. We only normally see each other in training, but socialising means we can bond as a team and it sets a great platform for the 2015 season.” Recent recruit Caanan Smithies was also delighted, stating that, “Being involved in events like this, when I’m so new to the club, will assist me to integrate into the team quicker, as you introduce new aspects of your personality in a social setting and learn more about each other.”

The bowling itself was a very close run thing. Mathew Stableford had lead until the seventh frame, when Ethan Ryan took the lead to secure the trophy. Ethan said, “It was great to win! It’s important we participate in activities like this outside of the training room and we are all grateful to BullBuilder for enabling activities like this to happen.”

Academy team gets ready to compete

Academy team gets ready to compete

Before leaving for the evening the lads went round all board members to thank BullBuilder and all its members.

Board member Roy Dawson said, “It was great to meet the academy players in the less formal setting offered by this event. Seeing how well the young men interacted with others demonstrated just how much respect they have for each other, their coaching staff the general public. I was impressed with how this group of young men came across as very able ambassadors of Bradford Bulls and the sport of Rugby League in general. Building a successful team in any organisation is vital to its success.”

Enjoying a post-bowling meal with coach Matt Diskin

Enjoying a post-bowling meal with coach Matt Diskin

BullBuilder recently announced that its AGM will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2015 at 7:30pm. The venue will be Cue Gardens, Pearson Road, Bradford BD6 1BJ. If you want to take part in the AGM, or just be part of the Trust, as it raises funds to make events like this one possible and to help shape the future of the club, you can join or re-join BullBuilder by visiting our website at http://www.BullBuilder.co.uk/. For more information, please Email us at info@BullBuilder.co.uk or write to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

We want to keep in touch with you!

BullBuilder has just set the date for the 2015 AGM. It will be held at 7:00PM on Wednesday 28 January, at Cue Gardens, Stadium Mills, Stadium Road, Bradford, BD6 1BJ.

We will be sending out notice of the AGM over the next few days, but we want to make sure that we reach all our members.

If you are a BullBuilder member and you might have changed your Email, postal address or other contact details since you last contacted us, could you please update us? You can do so by Emailing us at info@bullbuilder.co.uk or writing to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

The AGM will give members the chance to shape the future for BullBuilder in 2015 and beyond. There will also be the chance to stand for the board, as we are aware that there will be some vacancies. To stand for the board – and to attend and vote at the AGM – you will need to be a current member. To join or re-join, please go to http://www.bullbuilder.co.uk/join/, or write to us at the above address.

About the venue, BullBuilder chairman, Mike Farren said, “We would have liked to hold the AGM in the Coral Stand, but the club made us aware that there is a significant cost to opening the stand, particularly in Winter. Understandably, they do not want to lose money on what should be a money-making facility. This left us with a choice, either to use a significant amount of the money donated by our members and supporters to underwrite the meeting, or to take it elsewhere. As the money was donated with the express intention of supporting junior rugby at the club, we want to ensure that it is used as effectively as possible for that purpose. Cue Gardens is convenient for Odsal, and is known to fans. We’re confident that the AGM will be handsomely accommodated there.”

Speaking of supporting junior rugby at the club, BullBuilder will be funding a team-building evening for the under-19 squad, including leisure activities and a meal, next week. Look out for details of the event!

BullBuilder get into the Christmas spirit at the Bulls’ carol service

BullBuilder, the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust, will have a stall at the Provident Stadium at 7:00PM this Wednesday, 10 December, in support of the Bulls’ annual carol service.

“The event drew over 1,000 people last year,” said BullBuilder chairman Mike Farren. “It’s great to see the Bulls’ community come together like this in the middle of the ‘off’ season.”

The stall will give people the chance to sign up as BullBuilder for 2015, and get behind junior rugby at the club at the time when it’s needed most. Those who have already renewed their membership for next season will also be able to pick up their membership cards, or just come to see us and discuss plans for 2015.

“We will shortly be announcing plans for the 2015 AGM, as we look to take our support for junior rugby at the club to a new level,” said Farren. “To do this, we need the support of as many of the fans as possible!”

For more details of the Bulls’ carol service, see http://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/news/article/9751/rejoice-with-the-bulls-this-christmas-bradford-foundation-provident-stadium . If you would like to join or re-join BullBuilder but will not be attending the service, you can do so on http://www.bullbuilder.co.uk/join/

BullBuilder Coaching Q&A a Great Success

Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust BullBuilder hosted a very successful Question and Answer session with the Bulls’ coaching team on Monday 24th November.

The intention of the Q&A was to allow supporters to find out more about the club’s philosophy for developing young players and understand how they might play a part by joining BullBuilder. Key to this was the insight provided by the new Head of Youth John Bastian and Under 19s Coach Matt Diskin, but Head Coach James Lowes and Assistant Karl Harrison were also in attendance, emphasising the importance being placed on junior rugby by the new coaching regime.

With over forty people in attendance, the evening began with Chairman Mike Farren and Treasurer Natalie Farr handing over a cheque for £1,500 to enable the club to buy a trailer, which will be used to ensure that training pitches for the Academy can be maintained throughout the winter.

John Bastian receives cheque from BullBuilder

John Bastian receives cheque from BullBuilder

A panel discussion about junior rugby followed, in which John Bastian explained the set-up, with the other coaches contributing – when, according to James Lowes – they were allowed to get a word in, such was John’s enthusiasm!

Interesting insights included the sheer level of commitment to the development of young players, with John stating that he did not believe the often quoted figure, that only a couple of players per year would make the grade, should be treated as gospel – with hard work and good coaching, there should be no limit. He also related his experience of working with a Supporters’ Trust, like BullBuilder, during his time at Warrington, explaining how the Trust there enabled the fans to play a crucial role, as the club shifted the emphasis to the development of local talent – an approach that has paid handsome dividends for them.

Some of the panel

Some of the panel

Matt Diskin, meanwhile, revealed that he had assembled a young under-19 squad, which had plenty of physical development ahead of it. However, he said that his squad was extremely enthusiastic and he is attempting to build a strong culture, similar to the one in which he came of age at Leeds, a point emphasised by James Lowes, pointing out that they only gained real success when they stopped being a “buying” club and became a club that nurtured their own.

After a break, questions from the floor prompted James Lowes to state that the club won’t be taking any players on loan from other clubs next year without giving the U19s a go first. Also, they have no intention of going into dual registration deal with a Super League club. “We are not a feeder club” said Lowes, unequivocally.

A further insight was that all of the coaches were agreed in regretting that there is not an A-team level to the game. Players are being cut by clubs at 19 years which is too young. Karl Harrison used Jamie Peacock as an example of a player who would have been lost to the game under the current system.

John Bastian emphasised again his keenness to work with BullBuilder mentioning a number of ideas for the Trust might help with the “extras” for the academy. Watch this space!

BullBuilder member, Karen Sykes, said, “As a parent of an academy boy I am so pleased I attended the Q&A session. I found out much more than my son ever tells me! I spoke with Matt Diskin and told him the boys think he’s doing a fantastic job and are really enjoying training sessions, no matter how hard they are! Thanks to BullBuilder for arranging this evening.”

Several members joined or re-joined BullBuilder during the evening. You can do the same by visiting our website at http://www.BullBuilder.co.uk/. For more information, please Email us at info@BullBuilder.co.uk or write to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

BullBuilder Coaches’ Q&A on Monday

A further reminder that Bradford Bulls Supporters Trust, BullBuilder, are hosting a Q&A session at Odsal tomorrow (Monday 24th November) at 7pm to give fans the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the new Head of Youth John Bastian and Under 19s Coach Matt Diskin. Head Coach James Lowes will also be in attendance. We also hope that Karl Harrison will be present.

The Q&A will take place at the Coral Stand beginning at 7pm and finishing at 9pm. The event is open to BullBuilder members and non-members.

It’s still possible for fans to submit their own questions to the coaches. Please Email info@BullBuilder.co.uk and we’ll do our best to make sure that your question gets asked!

Put your questions to the Bulls’ coaching team

We recently announced that BullBuilder would host a Q&A session with James Lowes, John Bastian and Matt Diskin from the Bulls’ coaching team. As advertised, this will take place in the Coral Stand, Odsal, on Monday 24th November at 7:00 PM.

However, if you are unable to attend, or if you simply want to give your question the best chance of being asked, you can send it in beforehand, to info@bullbuilder.co.uk, and we will do our best to make sure that it’s included.

For all BullBuilder members who have renewed membership for the 2015 season, your BullBuilder membership cards should be available on the night. For all others, there will be a chance to renew your membership or to join on the night. Please note that you will need to be a member to take part in our Annual General Meeting, expected to take place toward the end of January 2015. For membership options, please see http://www.bullbuilder.co.uk/join/.