BullBuilder Achievements in 2019 and now for 2020

Be part of the BullBuilder success.

BullBuilder Race Night

Friday, 31st January 2020 at Laisterdyke Cricket Club, – Broad Lane, Bradford BD4 8PA

Event starts at 7pm. First Race at 7:20pm

Tickets are £5.00 and available from Club Shop or on-line: https://bullbuilder.nutickets.com/54963034 or Contact Jason Taylor (after 6pm) on Tel:07801052236

Includes Pie and Pea Supper and free prize draw.

Come and enjoy a fun evening of big screen horse racing with a pie & pea supper, Raffle and auction. This is our annual fundraising race night to help us to keep supporting the youth system at the Bradford Bulls.

In the last year BullBuilder had a great working relationship with John Bastian when he was Head of Youth Development and have established an excellent working relationship with Leigh Beattie (newly appointed, Head of Youth Development) coaching and medical staff, Leigh has attended BullBuilder Board meetings to feedback in regard to the support BullBuilder provides and the beneficial impact this has had on the Academy and Youth Development.

BullBuilder Board has made and continues to make significant changes to reflect the support it provides to support the development of young players, these include:

Introducing a Welfare Policy/Procedure, requests have included providing funding for medical support eg: funding head injury assessments, financial support if young player or their family do not have the means eg: funds to provide boots etc.  These requests are made by the Head of Youth and are treated in confidence, grants/donations are reflected in our accounts.

Reflecting the changes in regulations surrounding the Academy, this will become an Under 18’s competition rather than Under 19’s and the introduction Women’s Under 18’s.

Recognising and encouraging young player’s achievements within the sport and personal development, with a variety of awards eg: Player of the Month, Player of the Year and Academic Achievement, etc.

BullBuilder has continued to work closely with the Bulls Foundation to coordinate and combine efforts an example is being able to access Matched Funding from Barclay’s.  BullBuilder and the Bulls Foundation are independent bodies with different aims, but often overlap in their activities. As you will be aware the Bulls Foundation (the official charity of the Bradford Bulls), provides services to the Bradford district and wider areas to adults, children and young people, regardless of gender, religious belief, cultural heritage or abilities. The Foundation uses the power of sport to educate, motivate and inspire the local community through activities including; sport, health, education, heritage, social inclusion and arts and culture. The Foundation gets people involved from all backgrounds, whether it’s getting children and young people playing the game in schools or getting people interested in Rugby League or sport generally. They reach the local community to promote positive lifestyle messages, build confidence, develop talent and promote civic pride. The child that tries the game for the first time thanks to one of their events could one day end up becoming a long term supporter or even an elite level player.  This is reflected in the number of young players from the local community that the Bulls continue to recruit.

In regard to how BullBuilder has contributed in the past four years below is a summary of income and the money we’ve granted to the Academy.

2016    Income   £6732                   Grants £3089

2017    Income   £22110                  Grants  £16555

2018    Income   £19943                  Grants  £18625

2019    Income   £18525                  Grants  £11306

During this financial year, BullBuilder has made significant grants comprising:

Grants to support the Academy and Youth Development (full details are available in BullBuilder Accounts:

Coaching Assistance
Ice Machine
Squad Away Day/Team Building
Upgrading Analytic System


Squat Bars
Welfare Grants

This has only been possible due to the generosity of members, money is raised from events and donations, events have included, Summer Ball, Quiz and Race Nights, Sponsored Snowdonia Challenge, etc.  We have also received significant support and financial contributions from Barclay’s (Matched Funding).

The U16s and U19s have had good seasons and it’s great to see so many graduating to the next level.  One of the most rewarding aspects of supporting BullBuilder is seeing the progression of players out of the youth system into the first team.

We have ideas for a programme of events for 2020 based on a very successful 2019 and obviously depends on the number of and interest from the members of BullBuilder.  Given that the Southbank at Odsal is regrettably not available to host events we intend to host events within Bradford.

BullBuilder are set to make further significant contributions towards the club’s Scholarship and Academy in 2020. By making this financial contribution BullBuilder will be continue to provide additional support to the Bulls Academy and Youth Development.  Help by supporting our Race Night on 31st January 2020.

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