BullBuilder Race Night

BullBuilder Race Night

Friday, 31st January 2020 at Laisterdyke Cricket Club, – Broad Lane, Bradford BD4 8PA

Event starts at 7pm. First Race at 7:20pm

Tickets are £5.00 and available from Club Shop or on-line: https://bullbuilder.nutickets.com/54963034 or Contact Jason Taylor (after 6pm) on Tel:07801052236

Includes Pie and Pea Supper and free prize draw.

Come and enjoy a fun evening of big screen horse racing with a pie & pea supper, Raffle and auction. This is our annual fundraising race night to help us to keep supporting the youth system at the Bradford Bulls.

Recent BullBuilder investment includes:

Funding for a nutritionist to come in and do 23 individual programs for the 18s, they will be weighed their skin folds taken and a individual diet plan put in place for everyone of them for the rest of the season, monitoring their progress, and workshops for the 15s and 16s players and parents, and also a cooking workshop for not so privileged kids.

Leigh Beattie (Head of Youth Development) says: this benefits our players massively in their development, players struggle with college and work and then the workload of training.  This will educate them in how to fuel the body ready for training and games, because some players need to gain weight some players need to lose weight this is a great tool, nutrition is massive in the aid to develop great athletes.

Ski-Erg: Adam Simpson: Head of Strength and Conditioning says: Ski-Erg is a valuable addition to our facilities offering the following advantages:

  • Upper-body conditioning. The Ski-Erg provides a modality for use when a player is suffering from a lower body injury. During the acute stages on an injury there are periods where players are limited in what they can do to challenge their energy systems. A Ski-Erg can be used seated and still provide a significant conditioning effect during these stages.
  • Varied conditioning options.  Ski-Erg offers a new movement pattern to be challenged during off-feet sessions. This will be particularly important during the early stages of pre-season when running is to be limited to ensure optimal hypertrophy adaptations. The extra and varied equipment provide the opportunity to still incorporate challenging but low impact conditioning.
  • Recovery. Game day +1 recovery sessions can incorporate these to provide and upper-body flush out. When combined with the range of recovery options we currently offer this would bolster our sessions and improve the recovery process.

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