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BullBuilder has just set the date for the 2015 AGM. It will be held at 7:00PM on Wednesday 28 January, at Cue Gardens, Stadium Mills, Stadium Road, Bradford, BD6 1BJ.

We will be sending out notice of the AGM over the next few days, but we want to make sure that we reach all our members.

If you are a BullBuilder member and you might have changed your Email, postal address or other contact details since you last contacted us, could you please update us? You can do so by Emailing us at info@bullbuilder.co.uk or writing to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

The AGM will give members the chance to shape the future for BullBuilder in 2015 and beyond. There will also be the chance to stand for the board, as we are aware that there will be some vacancies. To stand for the board – and to attend and vote at the AGM – you will need to be a current member. To join or re-join, please go to http://www.bullbuilder.co.uk/join/, or write to us at the above address.

About the venue, BullBuilder chairman, Mike Farren said, “We would have liked to hold the AGM in the Coral Stand, but the club made us aware that there is a significant cost to opening the stand, particularly in Winter. Understandably, they do not want to lose money on what should be a money-making facility. This left us with a choice, either to use a significant amount of the money donated by our members and supporters to underwrite the meeting, or to take it elsewhere. As the money was donated with the express intention of supporting junior rugby at the club, we want to ensure that it is used as effectively as possible for that purpose. Cue Gardens is convenient for Odsal, and is known to fans. We’re confident that the AGM will be handsomely accommodated there.”

Speaking of supporting junior rugby at the club, BullBuilder will be funding a team-building evening for the under-19 squad, including leisure activities and a meal, next week. Look out for details of the event!

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