Race Night

BullBuilder has thanks to members and supporters been able to make a significant contribution to support the development of our young players.  An increasing number of young players are beginning to progress into the first team so the benefit of having a good Academy is there for all to see.

Bullbuilder is hosting a fundraising Race Night on Wednesday October 18th in the Legends Suite, Odsal Stadium. Doors open at 6.30pm with the fun starting at 7pm and first race scheduled for 7.20pm Tickets for this event cost £5 and includes a pie & pea super with a vegetarian option, are available from the club shop, or online at:


Come, bring your friends and help BullBuilder to continue its important contribution to the future of our club and have a great night out.

Before the event we are selling Horses and Jockeys for the first 6 races at £5 for the horse which you get to name and £3 to be the jockey. If your horse wins the owner will be paid £20 and the Jockey £12. To buy a horse or jockey ring David Lowdell on 07584259103 or ask any BullBuilder board member.

If you run a business and would like to sponsor a race please contact David Lowdell on 07584259103 it will only cost you £35 for which your company name / logo will feature on the evenings race card, you will be mentioned when your race is run, we invite you to send leaflets for the tables and last but not least you get two tickets to the event.


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