Thanks to all our supporters, from BullBuilder

Now that the season has ended, plenty at Odsal may be glad to see the back of 2014. Following uncertainty at the start of the year and its knock-on effect on the team’s performances, resulting in relegation for the first time in decades, there is plenty to forget about this season.

However, despite the club’s troubles, there is a sense that a corner has been turned and that 2014 might eventually be viewed as the start of a new period of success, with a committed management, new ideas, a new coach and a promising squad in the process of being assembled.

At BullBuilder, we share this new found enthusiasm, and look upon 2014 as the year when we returned to full activity, helping to carve out a bright future for the club through its young players.

“We have seen a very successful re-launch, a dynamic new committee with new ideas, and the first of what should be many popular fund-raising events,” said BullBuilder chairman, Mike Farren. “However, the most gratifying thing has been how people have appreciated what we have been trying to do, have supported us and helped our efforts.”

So, it’s a big ‘thank-you’ to all of the following people!

Primarily, thanks to all our loyal members who have provided financial backing, allowing us to pursue our aims in raising money to support the junior teams.

Thanks to everyone who attended our public meetings and the Race Night event in July, making it such a great success. Thanks also to the sponsors who helped fund the event, and the volunteers who made it run smoothly.

Thanks to all who sold Golden Gamble tickets and donated their commission to BullBuilder – also those who have sold their crafts for BullBuilder funds.

Thanks to everyone who has served on the BullBuilder committee for their time and energy, and to those who have helped via their own expertise.

Thanks to those at the club who have given their time to meet, encourage and support us, and work with us, particularly the new board, and Richard Tunningley, the Academy coach. We would like to wish Richard and those colleagues of his who have moved on all the best in their future careers. We would also like to say how much we are looking forward to working with John Bastian and Matt Diskin.

Finally, thanks to all players at all levels who have put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. They are, of course, what it’s all about for supporters – like us!

You can join or re-join BullBuilder by visiting our website at For more information, please Email us at or write to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

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