Latest Investment in Young Player Development at the Bulls

BullBuilder latest investment in supporting young player development at the Bulls.  Following a request from Leigh Beattie (Head of Youth Development at the Bulls)the Board has agreed to fund the of a Freelap timing system (Speed Gates) for Academy and Scholarship

Speed gate are devices that accurately register the speed of a players by using technology that records data. Speed gates will be a valuable asset to the academy structure.

This will have a massive impact on the players by collecting more accurate data in terms of speed and development, which is are key concepts of the game.  This will allow for enhancements in coaching and decision making in terms of training programming for the players, relevant medical interventions or coaching interventions allowing for a more advanced program, along with this it allows for better development of the players and also increase the opportunity for the current players and also recruitment of players to the academy structure.

The speed gates are easily transported don’t encroach on areas of the training ground and are easy to set up allowing for more access and opportunity to gain data for the academy players.

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