BullBuilder and the Bulls’ Golden Gamble

BullBuilder, the Bradford Bulls’ Supporters’ Trust, is delighted to announce a way for sup-porters to help the club, help BullBuilder – and get free entry to the Bulls’ home league matches!
All you need to do is to give up a little time before the kick-off, to sell tickets for the Bulls’ half-time draw, the Golden Gamble. If you are not already a season ticket holder, you will get free entry to the match as a Golden Gamble seller.
For a normal 3.00PM kick off, you would need to get to Odsal for a 1.00PM briefing and to take up your agreed position by 1.30PM. Just before kick-off, you hand in the ticket stubs and the money, leaving you free to enjoy the game.
10% of the money raised through your ticket sales will then be paid directly into the BullBuilder bank account on the next working day after the match, as a donation to the Trust. If you are not currently a BullBuilder member, this would be counted as your annual membership fee.
If you are interested in becoming a Golden Gamble seller on behalf of BullBuilder, please contact Paul Butterworth on 07980 569538 or via info@bullbuilder.co.uk .

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