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Dewsbury Dawdle

Many thanks to the people who will participating in the "Dawdle" and those who have kindly sponsored participants. Disappointed that some people who have said they will participate in the walk have not yet registered,  come on you know you what to do this.  Dawdle sets off from Odsal at 10.00 this Sunday (10 April 2016), meeting at 0930.  THE WEATHER FORECAST IS SUNNY & DRY, some come and join in the fun for a good cause. Please would you contact David Lowdell via e-mail david@dlpbradford.com Or Phone 07584259103 Donate on line: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bradford-bulls-academy-changing-rooms-renovation Remember, Bullbuilder has secured sponsorship to reward anyone who participates in the Dewsbury Dawdle and raises over £250 in sponsorship they will be entered into a free raffle, winner will receive £100 voucher to spend in the Bradford Bulls Club shop. http://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/news/post/dewsbury-dawdle-march-with-marc?pgnc=1
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