BullBuilder Make Another Contribution

BullBuilder are set to make another big contribution toward the club’s Scholarship and Academy setup by pumping in a substantial sum from September toward funding the position of Scholarship and Academy coach Mark Dunning.

BullBuilder spokesman Paul Butterworth explained “Mark is already with the club and currently contributes many hours of his time as a volunteer.   He is head of the Scholarship coaching team for 2016/17 as well as Assistant Coach for our successful U19s side.    As well as all that Mark spends a lot of his time analysing the statistics and coordinating with the rest of the coaching staff and players.   By making this financial contribution BullBuilder is providing stability to the coaching set up and making sure we keep a valued member of the team.”

“This represents a big commitment by BullBuilder that would not be possible without the generous contributions of our members.    We’d also welcome contributions from any businesses that wish to make some kind of contribution to help fund Mark’s post or help in any other way.   We can ensure that they would get plenty of publicity in return.”

In another move BullBuilder is to employ the services of Doug Folan who carries out the RFL’s Academy  Accreditation and who will spend valuable time with the Academy staff for a 2 day period assessing the strengths and areas that need to be improved with reference to the clubs RFL Accreditation. The outcome of the work facilitated by Doug will be a significant step forward for the Academy at Bradford and give a strategic support to the short and long term development plan.

With annual membership available from as little as £10 a year (£5 concession)  you can help play a part in making sure the club’s young players continue to get access to the best coaching and facilities.

Join BullBuilder on line https://membermojo.co.uk/bullbuilder

To find out more visit www.BullBuilder.co.uk


BullBuilder recently contacted head coach Rohan Smith and will be hoping to publish an in depth interview soon.

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