BullBuilder is Back!

Many thanks to the 50 or so individuals who attended the BullBuilder re-launch meeting on Wednesday 29 January, in the Coral Stand at Odsal.
The level of interest exceeded the committee’s expectations, and it was really gratifying to see the respect for the Trust’s past achievements and the enthusiasm to take forward BullBuilder’s support for the Club and its junior players.
The evening began with an introduction from Media Officer Mike Farren, who explained why the time seemed right to start up activities again. He outlined the wide range of options open to a re-vitalised BullBuilder, from continuing its former remit of providing important extras to young players, through helping the Club to retain its Tong training facility, to providing a vehicle for fans to invest in the Bulls. He also pointed out that new board members with fresh ideas and skills were urgently needed to take the Trust forward.
Paul Medley gave a typically rousing account of how BullBuilder had helped out in the past and how, in trying times this coming season, fans’ assistance was required even more than ever.
A vigorous discussion followed, with contributions from the audience and from board members describing the administrative requirements and the fund-raising opportunities within the Trust.
The conclusion was that there is a real need and a real enthusiasm for BullBuilder to resume its active role, supporting the Club as it bids to bring back financial stability and on-field success. More than this, a number of potential candidates, all of an extremely high calibre, put their names forward to join the board.
Over the next few weeks, plans will go forward for the Annual General Meeting, the date of which will be announced shortly, and which will mark the beginning of BullBuilder’s new era.
You can join or re-join BullBuilder on the website. If you would like more information, please get in touch by emailing us at info@bullbuilder.co.uk or writing to us at Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD.

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