BullBuilder Race Night Supports Diet of Success

BullBuilder has again been hard at work recently raising funds for the U16s and U19s.  A four figure sum was raised at the BullBuilder Race Night at Odsal on 22 June.

The evening was well attended with members of the U19s present along with Marc Green, Steve Ferres, Rohan Smith, Matt Diskin, John Bastian and the BullBuilder team.  In total over 100 people attended and had fun betting on a number of races including a pig race to round the evening off.   One family even had a birthday cake presented by Bulls hooker Adam O’Brien.

Both Bulls Chairman Marc Green and Head of Youth John Bastian made speeches in support of BullBuilder.  John Bastian said “Once again BullBuilder have come up trumps and held an enjoyable and professional evening’s entertainment.    I’m very pleased with the turnout and would like to thank BullBuilder and the supporters that attended for their support.”

BullBuilder spokesman Paul Butterworth said “These events are a fun way of raising money for the U16s and U19s and we’re very pleased with how this event went.  Our race nights always attract a good crowd and allow supporters to mix with players and officials.  We’ve raised in the region of £2000 which will go towards those extras for the U16s and U19s that will help give them the edge.”

“I’d like to thank everyone who attended for showing their support and also Amanda Keal and her team who made everyone feel welcome on the night.  A great time was had by all and it was a good opportunity for supporters to meet our young players and for them to be the focal point of the event.   Many of these players could be in the first team squad next year so supporting events like this gives us a chance to make them feel part of the Bulls family as well as raising money to help their development.”

BullBuilder hope to provide diet of success

BullBuilder have teamed up with the club to help fund the provision of diet and nutrition plans and recipes for the U19s.     Money raised thanks to supporter subscriptions has helped pay for a qualified nutritionist from Manchester University to provide personalised plans for each player.

BullBuilder spokesman Paul Fisher explained “These personalised plans provide information tailored for each player on general diet and nutritional requirements along with pre match preparation and post training and match recovery.   Recipes are provided too.   Players have always realised they need to eat healthily but these plans take things to another level.”

If you would like to join BullBuilder or find out more visit www.BullBuilder.co.uk

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