Youth Coaches get the knack of Nac-Sport Analysis System.

Thanks to the support of BullBuilder young players at Bradford Bulls will be getting the benefit of cutting edge technology.   Josh Bryan from Analysis Pro recently spent a day with coaches Leigh Beattie and Mark Dunning to provide education in using the NacSport analysis system.

The NacSport System is a sports performance analysis tool that is used by coaches and players to break down video footage of games.  This is then compiled to identify areas of good play and areas for improvement to help players improve their game.

Head of Youth John Bastian said: “The system helps break down games so that individual players are assessed.  Each gets a points total and the system can look at attacking play, defensive play, kicking and other facets of the game.  It helps to point out good things players do on the field and areas for improvement.”

“We were very lucky to be able to host Josh Bryan of Analysis Pro who spent a day with Leigh Beattie and Mark Dunning helping them advance their skills.   Josh has a wonderful way of teaching and he’s invested a lot of patience and time and he’s delighted with the progress Mark and Leigh have made.”

“This system is a real goldmine of information for players who want to improve their game.  It’s not just a tool for coaches.   Players can take advantage of it by assessing the information and working with coaches to understand how they can get better.   The game rewards those players that go the extra mile in improving themselves and this system provides them with the opportunity to do that, it’s important for players to recognise that they must assess their footage and take ideas to the Coaches, Smart proactive Players will do this and benefit from the learning process..”

Josh Bryan of NacSport Analysis said: “It’s great to see the NacSport video analysis processes continually progressing at the Bradford Bulls Academy. The detailed analysis that Mark Dunning and Leigh Beattie provide to the Team is of a fantastic standard, ensuring that the Junior players Development and understanding of their game can advance really well. AnalysisPro are really proud to be supporting Bulls and their Coaching Staff.”

BullBuilder chairman Paul Butterworth said “It’s thanks to the generosity of BullBuilder members that we were able to provide the funding to get this support from Josh Bryan at Analysis Pro and we think it will be of great benefit to the coaching staff and players.  In the modern game we can leave no stone unturned as we seek to provide the best coaching and support to young players.”

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(Picture shows U16s Coach Mark Dunning (Left), Josh Bryan of Nac Sport Analysis (Centre) and Leigh Beattie, U19s Coach (Right).




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