Helping BullBuilder to help young players

When BullBuilder decided to become dormant at the beginning of 2013, we announced that everyone who was already a paid-up member would see their membership continue until the end of 2014. We believed that this was the right thing to do, as we would not have been in a position to give members value for their membership in 2013, but we always expected to return to full activity at a future date.
As we hope you are aware, that future date has now arrived, and BullBuilder is back! We have a new committee, with fresh ideas; we have announced several high-profile patrons, with more to come; we have made our first of many donations, again with more to come; and we will be holding our first event, one of our fun and popular Race Nights, in the Coral Stand on Wednesday 2nd July at 7:00PM.
Those who are members are already a part of this, and we want to thank them very much indeed for their support!
However, now that we are active again, we are very much in the business of raising funds to help recruit, retain and develop the best junior players at the club. Given the circumstances at the club recently, this is an ever more difficult, but ever more crucial role for BullBuilder.
Existing members of BullBuilder will remain members until the end of this year without having to take any further action. Indeed, some have continued to contribute to BullBuilder funds during the dormant period, for which – again – many thanks.
What would help us most with budgeting would be if those who previously discontinued payments via PayPal or Standing Order, could re-start them. Similarly, if anyone would like to start a regular monthly payment, that would be great, too.
You can find details on how to set up a payment to BullBuilder by visiting the website at Alternatively, Email us at or write to Bradford Rugby League Supporters Society Ltd, Suite 2 Buttershaw Works, Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, BD6 2DD, and we can provide you with the bank details to set up a standing order.
Our members have already ensured that BullBuilder has been able to achieve great things. With your continued support, we can carry on doing just that, just when it’s needed most.

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