BullBuilder Press Release

Like the rest of the fan base, BullBuilder were extremely disappointed to hear that the Bradford Bulls had entered administration. This season has seen remarkable efforts by the Bulls Academy players, staff, Foundation and the Rugby League community in Bradford

The current excellence of young players coming through the ranks – the very players that BullBuilder was formed to support – shows that the future for a financially stable Bradford Bulls could be very bright indeed.

We sincerely hope that an investor will come forward to prevent this potential from being wasted and to allow a revitalised Bradford Bulls to reap the benefit.

We have seen how the Bulls’ players, staff and supporters have showed amazing loyalty over the past few years. At BullBuilder, we believe that this unity of purpose must be built upon.

We have been through this before and our commitment remains as strong as ever and we will be endeavouring to provide support where we can.    Our focus on supporting youth development remains and we will be watching the situation closely as it develops.

We continue to be firmly behind the survival and success of the Bulls, and any party who can take this forward.

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