BullBuilder – Paul Fisher Outstanding Achievement Award

In addition to the annual player of the year awards at the end of each season, BullBuilder have another award to recognise different types of achievements and contributions.

This award is designed to recognise those that have worked hard through testing times or those that have come through the system and contributed consistently over a long period.

In memory of Paul Fisher, BullBuilder have renamed this award “The Paul Fisher Outstanding Achievement Award”.  Paul was not only an enthusiastic and dedicated BullBuilder committee member, he also gave many hours of his own time to support player’s welfare.  Paul always maintained a positive and inspirational outlook.

We would like to thank Karen, Paul Fisher’s daughter for presenting the BullBuilder – Paul Fisher Outstanding Achievement Award, this year the award goes to someone who has maintained a positive attitude and kept going through a tough year to achieve outstanding BTEC results to gain enough UCAS points to go onto University.  This year’s Paul Fisher Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Alfie McGrevy.



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